The purpose of this course is to develop overall skills within the students that help them to develop professionally as well as personally. It will help the students to communicate better and speak with confidence with individual, officials, clients, participate actively in any activity and also speak from the platforms. The course enhances the general as well as unique traits or characteristics of a student. Suggestions and training will be given to develop an acceptable voice. The course will also help a person to develop a forceful personality and get along well with other by developing inter-personal and intra-personal communication. Before the campus interviews, mock interviews are conducted to enhance the skills of the students and to motivate them in order to enable them to face the interviews successfully.

Scopes of Course:

Personality development Course helps the students to get positive thought pattern, gain confidence, improve behavior, improve their social skills, to develop leadership qualities, to be optimistic, to be a patient listener, to be a Good Learner, to learn better communication and develop a healthy physique.