Computers have become the life line of young generation. The present generation students like to embrace all the things in the ambit of Computer technology. NBGSM College has four computer labs (3 in new campus & 1 in city campus). The spacious Computer Laboratories of NBGSM College is equipped with 120 computers with latest configuration.

All the software is available for the students as prescribed in the syllabus by the M.D. University Rohtak. Students were allotted in the lab as 1:1 (student: computer) ratio. Students were allowed to perform their work under the supervision of the staff members and technical Lab Assistant and instruction were given to the students using power point presentation, Word documents or Web pages and using hyperlinks for better concept clarity.

Multi-media and high speed Internet facilities, projectors were also available in the Computer Laboratory to encourage the students to surf web pages and gather relevant detailed information through web pages.