Sant Nirankari Mission is an all embracing worldwide socio-spiritual charitable organization which preaches the concept of one formless God (Nirankar). Baba Hardev Singh Ji Maharaj, who dedicated his life for the salvation and welfare of the whole society, always encouraged us to look more deeply at ourselves, turning our attention to the spiritual essence within each being, lending a broader outlook of acceptance and appreciation of the entire mankind. Such a perception stimulates us to look beyond material manifestations and differences and makes us more compassionate and forgiving; eventually establishing ‘Oneness.’


Baba Hardev Singh Ji dedicated each moment of His life for the spiritual awakening and social betterment of society by undertaking frequent tours across the world, delivering life salvaging messages and furthering the efforts towards the achievement of UN Millennium Development Goals.


Sant Nirankari Charitable Foundation, a wing of the Mission, is working to Heal, Enrich and Empower the society through various initiatives and programs including Blood Donation, Tree Plantation, Cleanliness Drives, Vocational Course, School, Hospitals and Free Health Camps etc., upholding the basic premise of the Mission’s ideology of One World, One Family. Baba Hardev Singh Ji blessed NBGSM College on many occasions. Let us pledge and pray that may we all follow the teachings of Baba Hardev Singh Ji in realizing His noble and profound vision.