Fresher’s Orientation Programme

Fresher’s Orientation Programme

NBGSM College (Sohna) celebrated Fresher’s Orientation Programme in both of its campuses on September 5, 2017. The main objective of this programme was to make students aware of the academic aspects of the course and how they can work towards their personal goals.

Rev. Mrs. Bindiya Chhabra ji (Administrator – Education, Sant Nirankari Mandal) graced the occasion with her presence and motivated the students for their future endeavours. The eminent speakers invited to guide the students were Mr. Rakesh Mutreja, Mr. Sanjay Sharma, Mr. Sandeep Gulati, Ms. Anju Dhall and Ms. Hema Mutreja.

In New Campus, Mr. Rakesh Mutreja spoke on the topic of Body Mind and Wealth (BMW) and how one should take care of it. Mr. Sanjay Sharma visited both the campuses and devoted his session on the key aspect of life which is Behaviour, Attitude, Trust, Technology, Language and Ethics (BATTLE”). This was followed by a special session for girls by Ms. Hema Mutreja, who spoke on various problems and issues faced by a girl and how to deal with it.

In City Campus, Mr. Sandeep Gulati  explained the difference between school and college life with the help of some examples and discussed how a student should be focused on getting their best in these three years of their graduation. This was concluded by a special session for the girls from Ms. Anju Dhall.

Sharing their enriching experiences they encouraged the students to never feel defeated in their lives and always believing in themselves. They emphasized on setting their academic and personal goals through efficient time and stress management.

The orientation session was an enriching and learning experience and created a significant impression on the students to achieve great heights.